Super Freakin’ AMAZING

What a fabulous rollercoaster ride through the life and times of the magnificently funky musician, Rick James. I thoroughly enjoyed reliving his music as it took us on the temultuous journey of the one and only Super Freak Star, Rick James! The cast was simply amazing …. soulful, funky singing and exhilarating, energetic dancing set the stage on fire! The scenes were vibrant with riviting, pulsating, rhythmic music that only a genius (Rick James) could produce! Even though this was the very first time I’ve been to a venue where “Mary Jane”was played, yet there was no MJ aroma, this event was STELLAR!!! I was so happy to see this play EXTRAVAGANZA in the playwrite’s origin, Houston, TX… and the actual city which the play premiered. As a native Houstonian myself, I must say that Je’Caryous has, indeed, made us Houston-Proud. BRAVO to him on this elite project and all others to come! This play is a MUST-SEE for any Rick James fan, or fan of great music! I absolutely loved it

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