By Herman on 03/19/24

What A Damn Good Show!!!

Hobby Center - Houston

I would definitely pay to go see it again everyone on the show did an exceptional great job

By Luna Gonzalez on 03/20/24


Hobby Center - Houston

I was blown away by the performance of this show. I strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys music from all eras of life. These young actors did such an amazing job in their performance. I can't wait to see what else they will bring in the future. It's also very educational in the sense of the life story of the performer being portrayed. Highly recommended!!!

By Joe on 03/22/24

Best one yet

Hobby Center - Houston

My wife and I decided to purchase last minute tickets to Super Freak and we are so happy that we did! Way an incredible production! The music, the acting, the story…. All incredible!! This is Je’Caryous best production yet!!! GO SEE SUPER FREAK!!! You won’t be disappointed.

By Ron on 04/02/24


Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts - Raleigh

Electra Flying and very enjoyable, the atmosphere was pleasant as well

By T slim on 03/26/24


Music Hall Center - Detroit

Awesome show ! The set production and how the music fits in with the story line the young actor playing a young Rick James was awesome u can tell his experience in stage acting however stokely was decent but u could have gotten someone with more experience but I understand u had to get a name to market and promote to sell tickets

By TX Rose on 03/19/24


Hobby Center - Houston

Super Freak: The Rick James Story was excellent! It left me wanting more. The actors, singers, dancers, stage, band, writers, directors, etc. did an amazing job bringing the story to life and oh what a tribute to Rick James! Excellent!!!

By BB on 03/26/24


Music Hall Center - Detroit

Well put together play with great actors, great music & great choreography! Really enjoyed Rick James life story & discovered so many things I never knew about the legend. Will definitely recommend!

By Michael on 03/20/24

Best music yet

Hobby Center - Houston

This play gave me new insights into the life of Rick James. I learned quite a bit about him that I did not know. The music score was absolutely wonderful. The singing was heart gripping and brought tears when you heard the audience get involved with singing. There was not one song that I did not remember and sing with the rest of the audience. I had not been to that venue before. It was an excellent place to host this play. I am sure that as they travel the country, others will enjoy it as much as we did. Thank you.

By Sherill on 03/27/24

Wonderful Play

Music Hall Center - Detroit

I really enjoyed the play. The performers was excellent the singing was top tier. The dancing was wonderful this is a must see.Rick James would be proud of this play.

By Rgoody on 03/19/24

Stokely did that!!

Hobby Center - Houston

The play was great. I learned a few things about Rick James that I never knew. The cast was awesome, great singers/performers. Don't miss the opportunity to go see it in a city near you!

By Sassydc on 03/25/24


Music Hall Center - Detroit

Great! Awesome! I loved the Rick James Story. It was entertaining and the best part his daughter helped produce it. This made it even more special. Great job!

By KC on 04/02/24


Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts - Raleigh

Excellent show! A few issues with the microphone but the show was great!

By LadyTtoo on 03/19/24


Hobby Center - Houston

Really enjoyed the show! Stokley was amazing in the role. Be prepared to learn some new information about Rick. I had seen Rick’s documentary and thought I knew everything, but nope. It also featured performances of some artists Rick worked with, etc. So that was a treat. Not to mention, there were a lot of laughs. The crowd was so into it and loving every minute. Definitely go see it!

By KP on 03/25/24

Great Show

Music Hall Center - Detroit

Too much Hammer!!! Need more Prince and Michael !!!!!! Needed more Stokely !!!!!!!!

By Lando on 03/25/24

Street Songs.

Music Hall Center - Detroit

I loved it. I saw R.J. at the Joe Lewis Arena twice years ago. The play was great and it keeps his music alive. Hope they put it on video so I can buy a copy, and give Ty James my email and number and tell her to call or text me. Lol.

By Mo on 03/19/24


Hobby Center - Houston

It was an amazing show. I bought the tickets for my husband but we both enjoyed the show. Amazing job by the cast.

By The Real Sagittarius on 03/19/24

What a Experience

Hobby Center - Houston

This production is great. I am glad the Rick James story was told. From childhood thru Super Stardom. This was a date night to remember. I can't wait for Mr. Johnson to tell the next story.

By Natosha on 03/26/24

Rick James

Music Hall Center - Detroit

Omg this was such a wonderful play, young Rick James and Stokley did such an amazing job playing his character. I enjoyed every minute. Every scene I wanted more and I got it!

By Cornmill on 03/17/24


Hobby Center - Houston

Stokely did an Amazing and Excellent Job! Re-creating Rick James. The Cast and Crew were awesome. this is my third play that I have attendee at the Hobby Center. It brought back such memories. I totally enjoyed it. I’ll be back. I’m such a big fan of Mint Condition. I would not have missed it for the world even though only one of them was there.. I’m glad I was able to see Stokley .

By Angel on 03/23/24

Awesome Show!

Shea's Performing Arts Center - Buffalo

The show was Amazing! I learned so much more about Rick James and his life. I can’t say enough about the singing too. It was exciting! This is a story Everyone should see!

By Faithful1 on 03/21/24


Hobby Center - Houston

My coworkers and I attended the show. The cast and crew members did a fantastic job. The music was great, the portrayal of each artist was great, for example the group that were the Temptations, love the singing and the dancing. The actor that was Prince, was great- love the outfit. Everyone did a great job but my favorite was "Stokely"-who portrayed Rick James was outstanding! I highly recommend seeing this play when it comes to your area. Thanks to JE'Caryous Johnson & TY James...I will always support you!...Houston Proud.

By RCT on 03/21/24

Loved, loved, loved the show!

Hobby Center - Houston

The show was awesome! Loved learning about the life of a musical superstar. But when I tell you that I jammed in that theater…that’s an understatement. Stokley nailed the character of the latter Rick James. His casting for this role was perfect! Honestly the vocals were just so good for all of the “cameos”. And there were sooooo many unexpected characters pulled into this story. Loved it!

By Bibee on 03/19/24


Hobby Center - Houston

My experience was great. The music and the professionals of theatre and arts were outstanding in their performances. Learned things that I wasn’t of aware of about Rick James. Everyone were amazing.

By PWS on 04/02/24

Great show

Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts - Raleigh

Well told story of Rick James’ life and trials. Stokley personified Rick. So many powerful cast members.

By Lisa “T” on 03/23/24

Performance was Spectacular

Shea's Performing Arts Center - Buffalo

Enjoyed the “Rick James Story” performance especially since l AM a PROUD Buffalonian and Stokley did his THANG👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

By Vee on 03/26/24

Rick James play

Music Hall Center - Detroit

I thoroughly enjoyed the play. It gave a perspective I didn’t know. Loved it! The music was phenomenal.

By Kim on 03/19/24

Awesome Play

Hobby Center - Houston

I love your plays, this one was well played including the actors and production. Amazing, highly recommend.

By RF/Chicago on 03/26/24

Rick James

Music Hall Center - Detroit

Great show, well performed. Je'Caryous Johnson has put together an amazing play musical that captures Rick James life. Would definitely recommend seeing this production.

By Kobe on 03/20/24


Hobby Center - Houston

Wife and I really had a great time and will be back again POW 💥 🌹🌹🌹🔥🔥🔥

By Micha on 03/17/24

Pleasant Surprise and Exceeded my Expectations

Hobby Center - Houston

My spouse drove into Houston and I took to the internet to plan out our day. We considered concerts, plays, basketball games, comedy shows, and this production. To be honest I wasn’t certain what this performing arts event was- when I purchased our tickets. However, I am so happy I did.

By BarbWJ on 03/24/24

Awesome Experience

Music Hall Center - Detroit

Honest, exciting, entertaining foretelling of the Rick James story. A marvel to behold. Well casted.

By Jacquie on 03/25/24

A Great Show!

Music Hall Center - Detroit

This was one the best JJ plays I have attended. The cast was on point the production was good. I took 4 guests with me and our overall experience was 10/10. I loved it!

By Sheshe on 03/26/24

Ole school

Music Hall Center - Detroit

I really enjoyed the show!! It took me and my husband back to the 70 & 80’s.

By Hamp on 04/02/24

The Ric James Story

Music Hall Center - Detroit

Really enjoyed the play! Music was great, learned some things about Rick James that I didn't know. Very entertaining!

By Will on 03/23/24

Great show!!

Shea's Performing Arts Center - Buffalo

The signing,acting and the life story was spot on and exceptional.

By Sp on 03/24/24

Very entertaining

Shea's Performing Arts Center - Buffalo

Loved the music and very informative Many things i didn t know about ricks life

By SonyaM on 03/21/24

Super Freakin’ AMAZING

Hobby Center - Houston

What a fabulous rollercoaster ride through the life and times of the magnificently funky musician, Rick James. I thoroughly enjoyed reliving his music as it took us on the temultuous journey of the one and only Super Freak Star, Rick James! The cast was simply amazing .... soulful, funky singing and exhilarating, energetic dancing set the stage on fire! The scenes were vibrant with riviting, pulsating, rhythmic music that only a genius (Rick James) could produce! Even though this was the very first time I've been to a venue where "Mary Jane"was played, yet there was no MJ aroma, this event was STELLAR!!! I was so happy to see this play EXTRAVAGANZA in the playwrite's origin, Houston, TX... and the actual city which the play premiered. As a native Houstonian myself, I must say that Je'Caryous has, indeed, made us Houston-Proud. BRAVO to him on this elite project and all others to come! This play is a MUST-SEE for any Rick James fan, or fan of great music! I absolutely loved it

By Tori on 03/24/24

Rick James

Music Hall Center - Detroit

I enjoyed Stokley playing Rick James. It started out slow, but they turned up the heat the play was fire. I give it a 4.5 out of 5

By Lady Jae on 03/26/24

Impressive and interesting

Music Hall Center - Detroit

I learned so much about Richard Pryor. The gentlemen who portrayed him both young and adult were spot on with his demeanor and moves. It was an amazing cast!

By MiMi on 03/25/24


Music Hall Center - Detroit

What an experience indeed!! I enjoyed the music and singing plus everyone involved exhibited an unforgettable performance!! I have been telling my family and friends about the show and how well delivered it was!! Everyone gave A1 vocals for all songs sung!! Throughly enjoyed the show!! So happy I came!!🥰🎉🎊

By Marisa on 03/18/24

Amazing Story-Rick James

Hobby Center - Houston

Houston's premier of SUPER FREAK: THE RICK JAMES STORY, Thursday night, March 14, 2024, I learned a lot about Rick James as an artist, the music from all was amazing, especially the lady that portrayed Tina Marie, her vocals were mind-blowing. I loved both portrayals of Young Rick and mature Rick (Stokley), both played his character extremely well and their vocals were Superior. Everyone sang along! It was both funny and entertaining. My favorite funny part was when Lionel Richie came out! Hilarious! There were a few moments that lasted longer than needed, but overall, worth seeing and celebrating the Fabulous Life of Rick James, he gave us so much to remember him!!!

By MP3 on 03/22/24

Great music

Hobby Center - Houston

The acting and the singing was great, but the music was superb, we danced in our seats the whole time.

By The 'Showman' on 04/02/24


Shea's Performing Arts Center - Buffalo

Over the last ten years, I have traveled the country attending numerous concerts, live musicals and plays and this is "The BEST SHOW"that I have seen!! I'm not being bias because I live in and attended the show in Rick James hometown. (Buffalo NY) I can write a huge column on how great the show is, but my advice to you is to see it for yourself. You WON'T BE DISSAPOINTED!

By Petra on 03/26/24

Beautiful Tribute

Music Hall Center - Detroit

It was beautifully written & done. It’s wonderful to go back down memory lane & remember Rick James & his contemporaries. It was beautiful to see Je’Caryous, on stage & in the audience. I hope to see more of his creations very soon.

By WW on 03/18/24

Awesome Story

Hobby Center - Houston

Loved the show. My only critiques would be to shorten the first half of the show or make it more interesting somehow, and to have Stokely actually remain true to Rick James version of his songs. I am not sure why he missed so many opportunities to showcase his voice singing as Rick James. He just fell flat on so many big moments, that I am certain the audience expected to hear. The female characters (Rick James’ mother and Teena Marie), gave a PHENOMENAL performance!

By Nasha G on 03/24/24

Great show, performance was Awesome!!

Music Hall Center - Detroit

Great show. You must see it! I had a awesome time.

By Dre on 03/21/24

Awesome Show!

Hobby Center - Houston

I loved the entire show! I have loved Stokley since the Mint Condition days. His voice, music and talent is amazing to me. Stokley stepped out if his element and did an awesome job portraying Rick James. The band was great too! Thank you for all you do Mr. J. Johnson😘

By Booker on 03/24/24


Shea's Performing Arts Center - Buffalo

Exciting and entertaining . The cast was was very good. The dancing was on point. Some of the song were lip synced but still entertaining. I’d go see it again though.

By Fallond E. on 03/27/24

What a experience!

Music Hall Center - Detroit

I knew when I seen Je'Caryous Johnson that is was going to be good! And he delivered on that! The acting, the choreography, I loved it! Great job to him and the cast

By Mrs.Thee on 03/27/24

A Great Production

Music Hall Center - Detroit

The show was very informative found out a lot of things that I didn't know about Rick James and all the characters and all the acting and singing was great. The costumes and the loud colors all fit the time of the seventies eighties and Stockley gave a believable portrayal of Rick James especially when he sung Fire and Desire. Over all a great show

By Patty C on 03/19/24

loved it

Hobby Center - Houston

This was the best show I've seen in quite awhile. Rick's life story was very interesting and entertaining, I loved all the music and how it showcased other artists of that time. I am very happy with the show.

By Ms Angela on 03/17/24


Hobby Center - Houston

A very well done show! The entire cast was amazing but Stokely was the perfect choice for the adult Rick. The music was amazing and the energy was electric.

By Tootsie on 03/23/24

Very entertaining show

Shea's Performing Arts Center - Buffalo

I enjoyed myself greatly, the energy in the theater was top tier I sang and danced in my seat the whole show..

By Shane G. on 03/26/24

Amazing performance

Hobby Center - Houston

The singing and acting were amazing!!!! Definitely would see again and have suggested to all my friends.

By LadyT on 03/27/24

Rick James

Music Hall Center - Detroit

Je’Caryous Johnson does it again! The story on Rick James was well worth the money. Stokley played Rick James & he 150% nailed it. It is a must see.

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